Why we love dogs

Girl with yellow flowers in her hair, laying on the grass in a large field, while hugging a Jack Russell Terrier and a puppy. My sister Andrea with our dogs, Jake & Maggie. Image by Michelle Lauzon

Dogs remind us that you don’t need a lot of words to express exactly how you feel.

Dogs don’t hold back and exuberantly, wholeheartedly live in the moment.

Dogs remind us to always be authentic and honest.

Dogs remind us to appreciate the important things in life – to smell the Earth after a rain – to curl up for a nap in a patch of sunshine on the floor – to romp with abandon and run until you’re panting then flop in the grass- to whine and mope if you feel sad, or dance and wiggle with glee when you’re excited.

Humans have all of these things cooped up inside and dogs are an example¬†of how we’d really like to be.

And as if that wasn’t enough they also care deeply about us! (So lucky for us) Dogs are amazingly empathetic and thoughtful.

They also have ESP. Their extra sensory perception is in the form of incredible hearing and fantastic sense of smell. They also have a remarkable sense of direction and a deep intuition.

Best of all, dogs remind us to keep it simple. With good food, long walks in the fresh air, and a loving home – that’s all anyone really needs so let’s not complicate things.

There are no dumb dogs and all animals are equal; we simply have different skill sets.

Supporting you in providing a balanced & fulfilling life for your dog

Fluffy mixed breed with shades of brown looking at the camera with trees in the background.