Dog Walking

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Benefits for you & your dog

You’ve invested a lot of care & time into training your dog to be an awesome companion. Our outings are designed to maintain & strengthen your dog’s manners, obedience, trust in other dogs & people, confidence & calmness in new situations, and also to ensure your dog has instinctually fulfilling and fun activities to look forward to each weekday.

Your dog will enjoy outdoor adventures that promote their health & wellbeing

  • structured on-leash walks on forest trails, streets, paths, fields
  • polite off-leash dog socialization in fenced areas with other well-behaved dogs

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Structured Fun

Our clients appreciate that we provide structured outings because the goal isn’t to create marathon athlete dogs who they can never satisfy with enough exercise or excitement. Instead we fulfill their instinctive needs by migrating together, build calmness through state-of-mind exercises to develop patience & manners, during respectful off-leash dog socialization, practicing impulse control & looking for permission at all doorways, with group sit-stays & calm co-existence while in close proximity during travel & while on-leash heeling, practicing recall & name recognition, to return home feeling truly fulfilled & behaving better than ever!

Dog friends for your best friend

Your dog gets to hang out with their trusted friends, get some exercise, have a potty break and enjoy the fresh air together. They look forward to seeing their pals and take comfort in knowing that they won’t be stuck indoors alone all day. Your dog will benefit from building friendships with other dogs in a calm, healthy way & can count on us to unite them with their friends and brighten their day!

Small white doodle smiling up at the camera
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Weekday Group Walks

$27/day or $480 UNLIMITED Monthly

Our rates include dog taxi service to the best local spots for dogs to hike & enjoy the great outdoors. $27 for 60 minutes or $480 Unlimited weekdays per month (one walk per weekday). Add HST.

Currently only accepting full-time clients (dogs joining us each weekday).

Supporting you in providing a balanced & fulfilling life for your dog

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