Dog Walking at Thomson Park

Three dogs sitting before a bridge with the path behind them Sitting before a bridge in Thompson Memorial park Image by Did You Say Walk?

Thomson Memorial: Dog Walking Rating of 5 Paws!

Thomson Memorial Park is a fantastic place for dog walking! We give it five out of five stars… and the dogs give it 5 paws! Here are some of the reasons this dog park is so awesome.

It has 3 huge fenced fields for the dogs

Most other fenced, off-leash parks barely have enough room to toss a ball without accidentally throwing it outside the dog park. Those other dog parks, especially the few that allow commercial dog walkers, are often seriously overcrowded. This park is super spacious!

This three-zone off-leash dog park has it all. Each of the 3 fields is separately fenced. The largest field is truly enormous. I’m guessing it’s at least 5 acres. It’s so large, that even with 20-30 dogs in there it feels almost empty. With that much space, there is plenty of room to do your own thing with your dog(s), or socialize with the other doggy visitors to your heart’s content.

Two small dogs playing in the shade of Thomson Memorial dog park

Playing in the small dog park.
Image by Did You Say Walk?

The second field is only for small dogs, and I’d say it’s at least one acre (probably more). Smaller dogs also play in the other fields, but this park provides a separate safe space for pint-sized pooches to play together in privacy without the big galoots butting in on their fun.

The third field is especially reserved for dogs who prefer to be off leash in a less social atmosphere. So dogs who are not super social still have a space to roam and enjoy the freedom of being unleashed. They can play a game of fetch, romp in the grass, or just chill with their human. Today I saw someone reading a book under a tree and their dog was roaming around enjoying the feel of grass and the scents in the park. This field is also at least an acre+ in size.

Lovely Trails

When you venture out of the fenced dog park zone, there are a variety of paved and unpaved trails to enjoy. The entire park is 41.8 hectares, which is over 103 acres!!! There are 3 ponds in the park, and 38 bike trails. The dogs love to smell the forest along West Highland Creek and find this place truly magical. The extensive trails through the wooded ravines provide a haven of nature in the city.

Big Trees & Rain Shelter

Many other dog parks have no trees, tiny trees, or (weirdly) trees with fences around them. Large trees means plenty of shade for the dogs on those sweltering summer days. While running, playing tag and fetch, dogs need these great shady areas to cool off and lay down on the grass. This park has it. The big rain shelter inside the largest dog field provides a roof overhead, which is appreciated all year round, and especially during persistent rain showers or sudden downpours. There are also some picnic tables and chairs in several zones inside the dog park.

Low angle shot of an awning and water fountain with a woman getting a drink for a small dog

Awning, water fountain, and ground cover
Image by Did You Say Walk?

Water Fountain for the Dogs

Water for the dogs to drink is essential and this park has it. We always carry water and pop-out dog bowls with us, as well as more water in the van, but fresh cold running water is ideal. Water is a very heavy item to cart around, so we really appreciate it when a dog park provides running water and the dogs love it too. The fountain has it’s own dog bowl attached.

Washrooms for the people doing the dog walking

Sure, the dog park is a nice big playground and outdoor washroom for the pooches, but us humans sometimes need to use the facilities as well. Thomson Memorial Park provides public washrooms at the Scarborough Museum on the same grounds. That gets a big thank you from us!

Free Parking and more

In the city, finding parking can often be a time consuming and expensive hassle. Well, not at Thomson Memorial Park. There are two huge parking lots, free of charge. This park also has a soccer field, baseball diamond, tennis courts, picnic areas, play grounds, and a splash pad.

One of the only downsides is if you’re walking dogs near the picnic areas, you do need to watch out for bones left laying about on the grass. Hopefully people on picnics are not littering – perhaps racoons remove them from the garbage bins in the night. If you stick to the paved trails, your chances of encountering this kind of litter is greatly reduced.

A man and two dogs shelter from the sun under a tree.

Enjoying the shade in the fenced, large dog area
Image by Did You Say Walk?


Thomson Memorial Park is located just North of Lawrence Ave. E., at 1005 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3E9. Scarborough has a serious lack of dog parks, especially off-leash parks, but luckily this one is huge and super spectacular.

The acres of fenced leash-free dog fields are situated near a large power line: The Gatineau Hydro Corridor. Dog parks are a great way to use these power line areas productively. Hopefully more dog parks with the same wonderful amenities as Thomson Memorial Park will be created in similarly unoccupied locations.

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~Supporting you in providing a balanced and fulfilling life for your dog.~

Supporting you in providing a balanced & fulfilling life for your dog

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