Did You Say Walk?

Small white cockapoo smiling up at the camera.

Our Mission

To broaden your dogʼs universe by building close friendships, increasing confidence, strengthening obedience skills and improving your dog’s state of mind. Fresh air, exercise and a potty break are also essential and all of this leads to the benefits of a calm, happy, healthy dog who isn’t stuck alone at home barking, stressing out, or destroying your stuff. Instead they have their own adventures to look forward to each weekday.

Committed to Excellence

We’ve invested thousands of dollars & thousands of hours to increase our knowledge & skill with dogs, learning about behaviour & communication, dog psychology and dog training to help dogs and their owners lead better lives. Caring for dogs and helping dog owners is our passion, so our education continues each year in our efforts to provide the absolute best dog walking, dog boarding & dog training services in Toronto & Scarborough SW. We donate our time to train dogs for several rescue groups, have a degree in psychology and spent over a dozen years training horses before working with dogs. We also worked with volunteer vets during an epic spay/neuter program in Mexico. Now we share our love of nature by exploring the urban wilderness with dogs.

A Better Life with Your Dog

Improving your dog’s life skills is wonderful for them and makes life better for you at home too. Our weekday dog walking program is designed to strengthen the training that you’ve already invested in as we build trust, calmness, confidence & good decision-making in your dog. Dogs that join our outings enjoy instinctually fulfilling activities and opportunities to socialize with other dogs in a respectful, considerate, healthy way, rather than an adrenalized out-of-control battleground that can damage your dog’s trust in other dogs and their caregivers. We are advocates, guardians and leaders and we take this responsibility seriously.

Dedicated Work Ethic

Our clients value our diligence (we’ve never missed a day!), our level of care, and the fact that we’re willing to do the hard work of being teachers and role models – not just the fun and easy parts (ball tossing, belly rubs, cuddles). We do this to keep our charges safe physically and so they also feel safe mentally. By providing unwavering leadership, the dogs trust that they can always turn to us if they are unsure and need guidance or encouragement.

We’ve dedicated our lives to helping people & their dogs.

Supporting you in providing a balanced & fulfilling life for your dog

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