Benefits of hiring a Dog Walker in Toronto & Scarborough

Chihuahua smiling mouth and eyes, with ears relaxed to the sides like Yoda. One benefit of hiring a dog walker in Toronto & Scarborough is to have a Happier Dog! Image by wsilver

Benefits of hiring a Dog Walker in Toronto & Scarborough

When you have a dog and live in a busy city like Toronto and Scarborough, a professional dog walker can help you to care for your dog.

Dogs need plenty regular exercise all year round, and positive social activities with other dogs highly benefits your dog’s overall health and well-being.

When you are busy taking care of business, your dog can be out having adventures with their pals in a safe and fun environment, rather than feeling lonely and frustrated at home all day.

By hiring a professional dog walker, you can come home from your busy day without feeling guilty that your dog spent it’s day restlessly stressing, chewing destructively, or disturbing your neighbours. Rather than coming home to a sad or hyper dog, you can return to see your happy, relaxed best friend who also had a busy and interesting day.

When a dog gets enough physical exercise and mental stimulation, they have a calmness that enables them to learn new things more easily.

A professional dog walker has a wealth of knowledge about caring for dogs which can assist you.


Hiring a dog walker saves you time.  Life is full of responsibilities and obligations. Taking care of business, home care, kids, groceries and other shopping, plus having time for your friends and family… sometimes it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done and still have some time for yourself to unwind and recharge. One way to save some time is to hire a dog walker. You can check this one off your to do list. Dog walked while you’re out taking care of other essential duties… check √

calm energy

peaceful home

guilt free living

seeing your best friend feeling relaxed and happy


washroom breaks – Think for a moment. Count how many times you use the washroom each day. If you’re away from home for 9 to 12 hours a day, a potty break (or 3) is an absolute necessity for your dog. We provide opportunities to drink water during our walks, while the dogs are exercising and while they have the opportunity to urinate in an appropriate place.

health and fitness – fresh air and exercise, leading to happiness and longevity

socialization – Like us, dogs are also social creatures and thoroughly enjoy being part of a group. When dogs are walked together in a group each day at the same time, they make close friends. Socializing a dog is about more than sniffing butts. Sniffing is the dog form of a firm handshake, and it’s important that they learn to not only smell others (without being too pushy) as well as to learn the good manners to also allow themselves to be smelled in return. Most importantly, when dogs get walked and socialized carefully every day, the dogs learn to interact with others in a calmly confident, relaxed way. They learn how to greet each other without being too timid or too assertive, without hackles raised, high tails, tucked tails, or stiff postures. Well socialized dogs can play together, romp, fetch and share water without getting possessive. When they are not overly needing the attention of other dogs, they may choose to do their own thing; smelling and exploring the park, or enjoying the sound of the breeze through the trees while lounging on the grass.

training – helping your dog to learn some manners along the way

We work hard daily to teach all of the dogs to follow (when invited, rather than barging ahead) through doors, up stairs, through gates, entering/exiting vehicles, and on leash. This is for the safety of every dog. When the vehicle doors open, the dogs are not all trying to rush outside into the street, or into traffic or a busy parking lot. When the backyard gate or front door of the house is open, this is not permission to go running outside. With consistent daily practice dogs learn quickly to wait until invited to follow in safety. Any one of these practices may seem like a small thing, but these behaviours set up the dog walker in the role of guardian and leader, and the dogs in the role of protected followers. They trust that we will protect them and guide them safely out in the field, trail, water, street … wherever we go. If a problem arises they know they can turn to us for help and support.

We do lots of on-leash walking, and we also visit off-leash parks so the dogs can learn and practice socializing properly.

Ask lots of questions and ensure you meet your actual dog walker, not just the company owner

Don’t just hire any student or retired person who says they love dogs. Your dog and your home deserve a professional dog walker who is completely committed to what they do. So ensure that your dog walker is running a legitimate professional business. Find a dog walker that is insured, bonded, pet first aid certified, and has a permit to legally operate a dog walking business.

If you choose to hire us, we do not subcontract the care of your keys or your best friend to employees. We take full responsibility for all aspects of the business ourselves. Did You Say Walk is entirely run by Peter & Michelle, a husband and wife team who are wholeheartedly dedicated to caring for and training dogs.

Supporting you in providing a balanced & fulfilling life for your dog

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